Tim Vantol + Tim van Doorn + Matt Gyver live @ Spazio Ligera, Milan

What a night... every time I come to see Mr. Tim Vantol it's a blast: this man (but also the musicians he brings with him as well!) is really a great artist and a wonderful human being, if you don't know him, please go and listen!
This time at Spazio Ligera in Milan he played with Mr. Tim van Doorn (an mazing Belgian songwriter) and Matt Gyver (an Italian musician, I loved how he played among us).
Well, I just enjoyed the show and I really took a few pics only with my 50 mm lens.
Unpretending, that's all folks! See you next time, Tim!! ;) 

"Well I'd rather end up in Hell, with many of my friends, than lay down in Heaven full of regrets"