Challenge Contro La Fame by Azione Contro La Fame at City Life District in Milan.

What a funny afternoon spent with my friends from Azione Contro La Fame, a NGO fighting against infant hunger and malnutrition, in the amazing City Life District in Milan.
This was the first Italian edition of the Challenge Contro La Fame and I was the official photographer.
The employees from the companies that joined the initiative (such as Associazione NOI SEA, Carter&Benson, Clarkson Hyde, Groupon, KPMG, Pandora, PayPal and Solvay) competed in four disciplines (running, walking, yoga & zumba and a human-table-football) with the purpose of doing their best because their companies donated on the basis of the kilometers traveled and of the physical activity time achieved by each employee.
Thanks to the enthusiasm of the 300 participants, € 40,000 were collected, sufficient to provide a full 8-week treatment of terapuetic food for about 1500 malnourished children.