Waiting for my little niece Vera's birth at the hospital (iPhone + Snapseed app only).

At 10:20 AM we received a message from my brother in law Paolo saying that his daughter Vera was about to be born.
So, my girlfriend Mara and I went straight to the hospital to stay close to Paolo and Nadia (Vera's parents) waiting for the birth.
I didn't carry my camera with me and, you know, I was not properly meant to take pictures... but I had my old iPhone 5 with me and I wanted to tell somehow the story behind Vera's birth, outside the birth room.
I was with my girlfriend (she's Nadia's sister) and her family and I took just a few photos and edited them immediately with Snapseed app.
Without pretentions, here are just eight photos of this magical moment.
Welcome, my dear niece Vera!  :)